What does it mean to be a sacred activist for change?

For me it has been a lifelong calling.  I can remember the first time I had an experience with an animal in captivity , conversely I also remember the  first time I felt the breath of a wild animal in the rawness of nature.  Still, today, I am constantly captivated by nature and it’s elements.  Most recent,  the way a baby fawn at the Sydney Royal show stood still and bat its lashes at me as it stared contently into my peaceful eyes, as if it’s eyes were penetrating my very soul.  At that moment I didn’t care what I was reading on the sign post about it’s origins I just knew it’s origins were similar to my own at a soul level.

My intention here is to have you feel and understand that I am very serious about all things activism through my action on anything from wildlife, climate change to the very water I drink in my community.  There are literally thousands of efforts to choose from and my hope is that with giving voice to a few things very close to my heart through action that this will make a change for the planet Earth and it’s beings.