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Professional Massage & Intuitive Bodywork Therapy: Erin’s Story

Professional Massage and Intuitive Bodywork Therapy is something that has been practiced for a very long time in many cultures. Massage Therapies origins dates back to China hundreds of thousands of years ago.
My own personal journey into massage therapy happened after I was in a series of car crashes as a young adult. I suffered whiplash and massage therapies gentle approach helped me to heal through those traumatic experiences. I also experienced trauma as a child through surgery, parental separation and divorce and experienced a concussion at age 7 which catapulted me into a lifelong spiritual seeking quest. Through these experiences I came to the profession of professional massage therapy with passionate interest which increases each year. It is exciting that within just 100 years in the western world, professional massage therapy has gained momentum as a valid health profession. More so, that massage therapy is now becoming more and more recognised in research literacy papers and in mainstream healthcare.
I first learned massage therapy in 2000. After practicing for over seventeen years I’ve learned massage and touch therapy to be something which is not just a physical, science based effort to correct imbalances of the body but it also is a professional practice that has helped many of my clients facilitate healing in a more subtle and energetic way. Practicing Intuitive massage and bodywork is a true art form. It involves client and therapist establishing deep trust and communication between the two individuals and can bring about physical change to the body in a positive way as well as impact the subtle energetic body in a positive way.
There are several aspects and modalities of the practice of massage and bodywork I have developed interest in over the years. Of particular interest to me since 2013 is the work I have done with caregivers and children. Specialising in working with caregivers, infants, pediatric and adolescent clients is something that brings a lot of joy to me. In seeing how healthy bond and touch form between caregiver and child and the lasting benefits of healing between family occur are of great honour to experience from a therapist of over seventeen years. It is an honour and a privilege to serve in this capacity.