Meet Alecia Cadwallader


Alecia Cadwallader, RN (neonatal intensive care) 

Co-Creator of Epocha Wellness, Business Coordinator & Educational Facilitator

Alecia Profile PicAlecia has been a professional registered nurse for over eleven years.  She specialises in neonatal intensive care and has worked as a full time registered nurse working in a busy intercity Sydney hospital.  Alecia takes enormous pride in giving excellent care and voice to the vulnerable and enjoys creating an environment of trust with caregivers and those she collaborates with.  Alecia’s interest in neonatal care over the years has led her to train with some of the most remarkable pioneers in Australian healthcare.  She also spends a great deal of time focused upon the importance of self care as a healthcare worker and a caregiver to neonates under her care. She shares her expertise with fellow colleagues and enjoys guiding staff.  Her special interest is integrative care.

Alecia is the co creator of Epocha Wellness and the beloved partner of the co creator and founder, Erin Sonnier.  Alecia offers her time in teaching workshops for Epocha Wellness as well as maintaining the inner workings of the business.  As a previous director of a home renovation business, she knows what it takes to makes an organization thrive. It gives her great joy to share wellness information in an integrative way, through the eyes and brain of a modern day healthcare worker all while integrating her past business experience.

Alecia’s interests include: making babies smile and feel better, music, travelling the world, immersing herself in a good law history book and the occasional podcast, politics, building and construction, business and the ocean.  She’s an avid hiker and adventurer and has a keen eye for spotting the best ice creameries in town.