“Thank you so much for the amazing prenatal massage and care you provided. Your expertise and guidance with my pregnancy condition of Symphysis pubis dysfunction helped with both the birth and recovery. I highly recommend your services and look forward to the postnatal massages.”

Sally S.

“My massage with Erin was absolutely spectacular. Best I’ve ever had!”

Alanna B.

“Erin has been a wonderful friend, healer and companion to me since I first met her many years ago.  She and I connect deeply as we share the same profession, understanding the beauty and depth that comes from working as a massage therapist.  We also share a love of nature and many other joys of being alive.  Erin has been an inspiration to me as she is incredibly committed to her personal development and self-care, understanding that one must care for oneself if we are to truly care for another.  Erin’s bravery and ability to make the most of her situation has really imprinted on me strongly.  I have a huge amount of respect for her, professionally and personally.  I find Erin to be one of the funniest people I know also.  She has a great ability to make people laugh, and her deep love for people is always evident in her interactions.  This shows to me that she really has enormous respect for others and knows how to communicate that well.  I will always see Erin as a true friend, who will be there for me whenever I need her, I feel very honoured and grateful to know her and feel strongly that we will know each other always.”

Hannah W.

“I have experienced many healing massages from Erin. Erin always considers the spirit, mind and body during your healing sessions. I remember the first time Music Therapy was integrated into the session and honestly without a doubt you are a truly gifted spiritual healer. Not only is it your years of experience that makes you exceptional but the authenticity and pure love and care you have for people and their individual needs. Knowing you personally and professionally I can honestly say that you practice what you preach. A very spiritual and grounded person who continually grows. I believe that if you haven’t had the chance to have a healing session with Erin then book now. “

Alecia C.

“Erin has a keen sense of vision. Not only was she our most requested massage therapist, she had the unique ability to anticipate the clients therapeutic needs and also the needs of White Dahlia. She always strives to be the best at her trade. And she certainly was while under our employment.

After meeting Erin, she took a chance on us as becoming our very first employee. She became the anchor for massages and was consistently booked out for weeks, often months, in advance. She single handedly was responsible for growing our business at the accelerated growth we achieved in the our first 6 months, allowing us to grow at an alarming rate. While I believe that everyone is replaceable because there is so much talent in any work force out there, she was the exception. There was no replacing Erin. As a therapist, yes. But as a trusted employee, human, and above all, a close friend.

Her ability to adapt to change is impeccable and she is sorely missed. Erin will succeed at anything she puts her mind to. Well beyond her career. Wherever she goes in life, she will be a shining example, both professionally and spiritually. She taught me more about life and other people than she’ll ever fully understand.”

Jake A.

“I had the pleasure of working with Erin at Evolve Movement in Raleigh,NC. During that time we were peers and were able to experience each other’s bodywork. She embodies healing through her voice, presence and touch. She is truly professional and knowledgeable in the wellness community.”

Stacy S.

“Being a Massage Therapists myself, I find it difficult to have a decent massage treatment from a good Massage Therapist. I had a couple of remedial massages and hot stone sessions with Erin, and I was always very pleased with her work. She is a very versatile Therapist, she can adjust her bodywork from a relaxing massage to a firm remedial massage depending on Client’s needs. She is also excellent with assisting people to recover from injuries. If you are after a knowledgeable, experienced professional Therapist Erin is the one.”

Frady P.

“Erin is amazing! I’ve had some pretty specific needs having scoliosis and TMJD and she was the only person able to offer me any relief. She’s also worked on my now toddler son as an infant. She’s very well educated and more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve ever been to. I highly recommend her!”

Courtney G.

“I was a client of Erin’s when she worked at White Dahlia in Raleigh. To say that she is an exceptional massage therapist is an understatement! Not only is she a skilled professional, she is a terrific, compassionate human being who listens to the needs of her clients, and delivers a result that meets those needs. I recommend Erin without hesitation.”

Deb H.


“I started seeing Erin 5 years ago for chronic neck and shoulder pain and headaches caused from long hours at a desk. Erin always knew how to release the tension and ease the pain, figuring out what worked best for my body. She will try a variety of techniques to see what works best for you. She is very professional, experienced and has a wealth of knowledge on the body and natural remedies. I cannot speak highly enough of her technique and treatments! Thank you Erin.”

Rose G.