“Erin has been a wonderful friend, healer and companion to me since I first met her many years ago.  She and I connect deeply as we share the same profession, understanding the beauty and depth that comes from working as a massage therapist.  We also share a love of nature and many other joys of being alive.  Erin has been an inspiration to me as she is incredibly committed to her personal development and self-care, understanding that one must care for oneself if we are to truly care for another.  Erin’s bravery and ability to make the most of her situation has really imprinted on me strongly.  I have a huge amount of respect for her, professionally and personally.  I find Erin to be one of the funniest people I know also.  She has a great ability to make people laugh, and her deep love for people is always evident in her interactions.  This shows to me that she really has enormous respect for others and knows how to communicate that well.  I will always see Erin as a true friend, who will be there for me whenever I need her, I feel very honoured and grateful to know her and feel strongly that we will know each other always.”

Hannah W.