“Erin has a keen sense of vision. Not only was she our most requested massage therapist, she had the unique ability to anticipate the clients therapeutic needs and also the needs of White Dahlia. She always strives to be the best at her trade. And she certainly was while under our employment.

After meeting Erin, she took a chance on us as becoming our very first employee. She became the anchor for massages and was consistently booked out for weeks, often months, in advance. She single handedly was responsible for growing our business at the accelerated growth we achieved in the our first 6 months, allowing us to grow at an alarming rate. While I believe that everyone is replaceable because there is so much talent in any work force out there, she was the exception. There was no replacing Erin. As a therapist, yes. But as a trusted employee, human, and above all, a close friend.

Her ability to adapt to change is impeccable and she is sorely missed. Erin will succeed at anything she puts her mind to. Well beyond her career. Wherever she goes in life, she will be a shining example, both professionally and spiritually. She taught me more about life and other people than she’ll ever fully understand.”

Jake A.